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Sonoma Nail Art Bag O Glass + Walmart Lighted Polish Display

Hello fellow lover of polish!

Here I have a special yummy treat for us, a tasty bag o glass!  This nail polish is the collaboration between a local blogger here in Sonoma County, Michelle at Sonoma Nail Art Blog, and her official swatcher and photograper of polish, Sarah of Chalkboard Nails blog.

I couldn't resist this interesting and fun shade, and Michelle can thank Sarah for that, because her swatch picture in the post I have linked above, was beyond amazing. Plus, I seem to remember something about a Saturday Night live sketch about bag o glass as a toy for kids (a fake commercial, that show is known for spoof ads- for non SNL fans).

I think she did a good job making a polish look like a bag of broken glass. What are your thoughts?

  The label is fun and cute, reminding you not to eat the polish. Here is one coat over OPI Ink with topcoat.

This is one coat over OPI Ink, which made a nice contrast to the green and blue glitters in SNABOG. The pink and purple sparkles are from INK.

This polish is a good formula, it applied smoothly with the bits flowing on the nail easily, I found a teensy bit light on the glitter. In other words, there is not a large glitter payoff here, it will not be opaque in a wearable number of coats. This is a topper only as Michelle notes on her etsy page. 

 I had to work to get this much in one coat, but it dried quickly.  There were some iridescent bits which were not lying flat on the nail, but I pressed them down or pulled them off. No big whoop.

This polish contains silvery whitish shards in random pieces, silvery whitish diamond shapes, blue iridescent hex glitter, white hex glitter, blue shards and greenish yellow iridescent glitter in a clear base, plus blue and green microshimmers.

The multicolored sparkles with OPI Ink kept me entertained.

Here is another shot of a previous mani over China Glaze Sea Spray, a recent find at the Sally's Beauty Supply 50% off sidewalk sale. This gorgeous light silvery blue was discontinued, it will become HTF soon. 

 Not sure you can see the small yellowish iridescent glitters which turned slightly green on this manicure.  I imagined this looked like a bunch of  the sea glass you find on the beach. A very nice combo for spring.
One coat of SNABOG.

Sonoma Nail Art Bag o Glass aka  SNABOG


Fun and funny polish
It is unique
A good glitter topper
Big 3 Free
You can buy it here. As of this writing it is in stock (a rare opportunity is knocking!)  Very limited quantity though.


Not sure about animal testing.
A couple of shards were crumpled or didn't lay flat, but this is very easy to deal with by tamping down lightly or removing.

That is it!

So I had an interesting incident recently which you may have read about if you follow me on twitter. My printer had a paper jam that was not clearing. I became determined to pull the printer apart and fixed it, and while doing so looked down inside the opened printer. I saw something that looked odd sticking out of the roller, so I tugged on it, and out popped an artificial fingernail glued on a toothpick.  I had made it to play with swatching polish and had placed it on top of the printer.  It must have gotten fed into the paper feeder.

BONUS: WALMART lighted polish display pics after the jump.

  See how the regular unlighted polish display on the left pales in comparison? I saw an old man staring at the lighted display in wonder, as I had done moments before.

Best. Polish. Display. EVER SEEN. I made an awesome video, as soon as I figure out how to show you I will update you!

UPDATED: here is a link to my first video! I can't figure out yet how to embed them but I will! ; )


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