Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spoiled Show me the Money and Toad-ally Amazing

Happy St. Patrick's day nail polish fans!

Here are two coats of  Spoiled Toad-ally Amazing with one coat of Spoiled Show me the Money and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Topcoat, for my money one of the best topcoats around.

This combo reminded me of grasshoppers, the cocktails and CASH.

First I applied two coats of Spoiled Toad-ally Amazing, this was not easy to do.

The problem was this brush that removed as much polish as it applied! The bristles were extra stiff and thick, and not smoothly trimmed, clearly you see a "magic hair" poking out as well.

I ended up swapping the brush with one from a Sinful colors green that I don't really care for, the caps are an exact fit.  I bought Sinful  Colors Show me the Way three years ago, despite the fact that I thought it was ugly.  I bought it because it was green and unusual, but really, I never liked it.  It was a bit sheer, and looked exactly like pond scum.  So it got the yukky brush and I was able to apply the Toad-ally Amazing easily. 

TA is GORGEOUS.  I didn't think so as much before when I first tried it but now I see how pretty it really is.  It is a soft pale green with a silvery shimmer.   

Brushes for reference.

 Show me the Money looks in the bottle like Emerald Crush, but it is not a dupe. It is much less packed with glitter, but it is just as sparkly, if not more!

Pure Ice Emerald Crush is much more dense, below I show is two coats covering completely on my pointer.  Spoiled Show me the Money is better used as a topcoat, as it is not as packed with glitter.  They look quite similar in the bottle, and I was concerned I had bought a dupe, but nope! Whew!

L Pure Ice Emerald Crush, R Sinful Colors Show me the Money 

I love the celebrating the Irish culture, and St. Patrick's Day! Slainte!

To your health!

This was taken in 2003 in Kilkenny, Ireland. There is nothing like a friendly Irish pub, anywhere in the world. You know you are likely to be greeted warmly with a restorative pint. Hey lookie, I had some nails going on there! 

After we were well lubricated, we strolled down to the Irish version of McDonalds Supermac.  I love this picture of my husband, he is about to be naughty and eat a hamburger.  

So cuuuute!

Kilkenny Castle, the back yard.

Dominican Black Abbey in Kilkenny

This place had atmosphere. 


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