Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Julie G Gumdrops Crushed Candy is NOMMY : )

Hi Honey Pie : D

Here are some sweet sugar drops for your eyeballs : ) Julie G Frosted Gumdrops in the stunning Crushed Candy. This is my favorite of the whole set.

I bought the whole set from Groupon for $12.99, plus about three bucks shipping, and they all arrived unbroken, happily : D   Shipping was slow, it took twelve days between purchase and delivery.  But it was better than driving myself all over the map looking for these and paying even more for them.

This polish is a standout in the set. The color is gorgeous, with it's mid range lavender tone reflecting all shades of purple sparkles.  It contains microglitter and small hex glitters in silvery lavender.

Three coats, no base nor topcoat. After one day of wear. The texture is not my favorite, if something sticky gets on the nail, you can not just wipe it cleanly off, it sinks into the texture.

But for a special occasion or a novelty polish, this one is really pretty great I think!

It dries fast and the formula is incredibly easy to work with. I adore the formulas on these. They are thick enough that the darker shades can be worn at one coat, if you aren't too worried about 100% complete coverage.

So that translates to a polish that could be applied in a very short time, one for those days when a quick turnaround is needed.

I was not a fan of the texture craze until now. The gumdrop idea got me, yep, you can get this kid at heart interested in your product if you wave about a bit of candy.

The large rose is a variety called Tiffany, and it is so fabulous in every way, it reminds me of a supermodel. I named it Naomi.

 It dwarfs the florist roses.

Here is a project I worked on this week. I bought this cute butterfly for $1 at Dollar Tree to put on my fence. I am going to paint it with nail polish to fancy it up.  I will post the after picture soon : )

I also got an orange and a blue too : ) I want to go buy more : )

Hope you have a beautiful day ! : D


Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Weight Loss Secrets

Hi everyone.

This post is another in which I am sharing more about my personal story with you.   This was one post that I was especially interested to write and share because I know how much it helped me when others shared their tips with me, so I want to pass them along.

I have been able to lose 25 pounds and have kept it off for over one year. I am not an expert on any subject within this post, except on myself and what worked for me to lose weight.


 I used to  travel a lot and eat and enjoy the good life! And it showed.

When I saw this picture of myself, I realized I was beginning to look like my grandmother in my shape. I believe I was at about 145 lbs at my heaviest. I am not sure because I hated the scale.


I can't believe I am showing these pictures. I am 120 lbs today at 5'1". 

I am not model skinny, but I am strong! I admit I am proud of the fitness level I have achieved at almost 50 years of age. That is right, I turn 50 this year.

DISCLAIMER: My plan is effective, healthy, cheap and easy. But PLEASE TALK about any changes in
your life with your doctor. Do not take my advice without confirming with your doctor that these things will not harm you in any way. I do not know your particular health and everyone is different. That said, I believe any doctor would agree that the things I recommend are safe and healthy for most people.


MY NICKNAME WAS CHOCOHEAVY as a child. (In the 60s, when I was a child, there was a candy bar called Choco-Lite Hahaha yeah really funny I know).  I was dark complected and chubby.  I still remember how the names hurt. My weight for me is a very sensitive subject and I don't take comments about it lightly. I have gotten comments about it from very important people in my life and this has hurt me and affected me deeply. From reading the words of others, I know I am not alone in this being a very delicate and extremely personal subject closely tied to my self-esteem.

So to stay in shape, I have done aerobics and some form of exercise since I graduated from high school.  I have tried to stay in good shape and have always exercised as an adult. For a long time I remained within ten pounds of my weight when I graduated high school.

That was until I turned forty, and gave up working outside the home. The combination of these things at forty made it seem as if I had a new "Suddenly Fat (tm)" belt strapped to my belly. LOL

So, I did the Atkins diet. I lost weight, but it was a huge struggle and my body paid the price. I became chronically constipated, not very nice! That makes one even fatter!

I quit that and ballooned more than ever up to almost 150 lbs on my 5 foot one inch frame. Weight gain is common after stopping Atkins.

So, I joined Livestrong and counted each calorie and exercised like a maniac, with aerobics and weights to the point of injury.  I did not lose more than three or four pounds over months and months.  My problem here was I ate extra calories to account for my workouts, which is one theory, that you have to eat the calories back.  That did not cause significant weight loss.

For me I found I have to restrict calories more than the charts said to lose weight, perhaps my petite 5'1" stature is to blame?

Things changed for me when I began to exercise using the Butt Bible and other programs on my On Demand cable. I tried pilates and Butt Bible by Paulin Nordin.  These programs use the body's own weight as resistance. And the weight began to slip away.  I began to feel stronger and my back problems improved.  My confidence has also improved, now that I am at my goal. I didn't do huge amounts of aerobic exercise like jogging or walking on the treadmill very much, though have recently begun adding that back in.

Here are my secrets!

1. Weight loss starts above the neck.

If I tell myself, "Self, you can not have any more ice cream, wine or cheese until you lose all this weight. You are on a diet".

What will happen?  Can you guess?  I can tell you that very soon I will be consuming wine and cheese. And maybe ice cream.  Why?  I have a problem with rules.  I do not like to know I have to follow them. So I don't!  I found out how I can have anything I want to eat and not pack the pounds back on. Thing is, I do no longer want to eat many of the foods I know are fattening, like french fries. That kind of craving goes away, because there are so many tastier foods to eat than oily french fries.  Like strawberries, apples and raspberries : )

For foods that I love but are too fattening to eat all the time, like ice cream, I will have that for a holiday or on a special occasion only. As a treat or reward. Or if I just can not live with out it one more minute.  But I will get a single serving, not an entire half gallon or family package.

If I know I can have whatever I want, I do not feel deprived.  And I also find that I do not want cookies or ice cream very much any more, since I know they will turn immediately to fat, the desire for these foods diminishes.

2. VERY LIMITED amounts of packaged prepared junk or diet food is brought in my house. I do not keep any cookies, crackers, 100 calorie snack packs, diet bars, diet products, diet pills or other "diet aids" in my house. No gimmicks allowed here, they are unhealthy and non sustainable in most cases.

Keeping junk food out of the home will help improve the entire family's health. Anything with refined sugar is the ENEMY.

I focus my food buying on whole foods, lots of lean (now hormone free*) meat, veggies, herbs, cashews, almonds, fruit, Greek yogurt and now I am going more to organic food since I got my diagnosis.

I love cookies, they are my weakness. I do not eat them, usually. I don't buy them routinely. If I do not see a package of open cookies as I walk by my counter, I will not eat the cookies.  If I do not have cookies in my pantry I can not seek them out and eat them.  If I do not bring them home, I forget about them.

Until the next time I go shopping.  Then I want the cookies at the store. So if I can't convince myself to have a strawberry smoothie when I get home instead I go ahead and buy a small pack a the checkout.  Then I wolf it down, feel bad for a minute, but I don't feel guilty for long because I get home and I have no more cookies. But I am aware, and I don't fail to remind me, that is not helping me to lose weight.

We all will have setbacks and moments of weakness, the key is to recognize them as temporary, forgive the transgression and always try to do better next time.

3. Weight bearing exercise.  Use it or lose it. There is no way around this one. If you do not exercise, you will begin losing muscle after a certain point. When you age, you lose muscle and get weaker.  With less muscle to burn fat, you will accumulate the fat on your body instead, if nothing else changes. The only way to fight this aging process and weight gain process in a healthy manner is to build your muscles back. Starving to lose weight and not exercising is a path to weakness, aging and fitness failure.

Seeing and feeling the amazing results from workouts will be the best motivator you can find to continue.  I love working out now! I love to feel sore afterwards, and strong.  Just one workout, even a small one, makes me stand taller, and feel stronger. Yes, it is hard, and if it were easy, everyone would do it.  But it is fun and it makes me feel strong and alive. Also, knowing that exercise is the only thing I can do to stop the inevitable muscle loss with aging is a huge motivator.

Exercise like pilates and the moves in the Butt Bible by Pauline Nordin like squats, pushups, leg lifts, and lunges are cheap and super effective. Some of the exercises Pauline does are bad for my back, such as weighted Sumo Squats, so I modify the routine for my needs, but it is quite basic. Any weighted exercise combined with leaning forward can be dangerous for the back, so simply not using weights can make this one safer.

This is essential, because muscles are the our fat burning engines. And your butt and thighs have the biggest muscles in your body. So it made perfect sense to me that those muscles are the most effective and fastest fat burners. So I built them up. After doing this routine for one year, I have achieved the shape I feel I should have.

Also I generally stay active. I stand up at the computer. I take stairs.  I don't watch tv on the couch much.  This gets easier as the energy goes up and the weight comes off.  Once it starts, it is a HUGE motivator to keep going.  Also, once the weight loss starts in the face and I began looking more athletic in my appearance it was very encouraging and rewarding to me.

4. I eat lots of snacks and small meals throughout the day. This is a big concept to internalize and the biggest change I made. I eat every two or three hours. I never went hungry or without eating for long.

Three small meals with snacks in between is easy to do.  I shrunk my lunch and dinner down in size. I ate half a sandwich or a salad with lots of healthy veggies for lunch, and shrunk the dinner down by one third or so.  I made up for this smaller calorie intake by eating snacks between meals like a handful of almonds and an apple.

Here is where the head games come in.  When I am still hungry after only half my regular sandwich for lunch, I remind myself that I could eat the other half or a snack in an couple of hours or so if I am still hungry. I realized that I don't have to eat everything at once until I am chock a block full to feel satisfied.

Here is the fun part. When meals shrink consistently, the stomach will tend to shrink down in size too, and it takes less food to feel full if it isn't being stretched out all the time. This happens pretty quickly. So it is like you are giving yourself a gastric bypass in a way, and we know that will make you lose weight, but in a very drastic manner. This is easy and non invasive way to achieve the same effect.  You will feel full with less food.

5. Drink lots of water, take extra vitamin c and drink green tea, decaf if caffeine bothers you.

I do not drink any sodas or even diet sodas, except rarely. I drink filtered water from a Brita pitcher. I used to hate drinking water, but now I drink it anyway, sometimes in the form of herbal teas sweetened with honey. This saves tons of calories over drinking juice or soda.

To lose weight, I took from 1000 to 3000 mg of Ester C per day. Right now I am taking 6000 or so per day because I am recovering from surgery and it is essential for healing.  If you take too much it is eliminated by the body.

I encourage you to research Vitamin C, as I did.  You can't overdose on it, and it increases metabolism. But it can cause you to get "the runs", and is a diuretic. It is one of my top dieting secrets. : )

Drinking green tea has been shown to also have many health benefits, and the caffeine has the effect of suppressing the appetite and increasing the metabolism. This part of my plan can be problematic for some people in that caffeine is a drug and can affect you negatively if you have underlying health issues.  So again consulting with your doctor is the best idea before making any drastic changes.

6.   I cook my meals at home. I do not eat out, except rarely. This is such a big part of my weight loss success.  It takes energy and burns calories to shop and cook food rather than driving through. This saves you tons of money also, so you can buy more of  those nail polishes!  

The food prepared in American restaurants is usually laden with fat and sodium. Even a healthy salad can be a diet disaster in some cases.  If you are your own chef, you control the quality and calorie count. If you have never cooked before, believe me, there is nothing more rewarding than preparing a meal for yourself and family just the way YOU like it!

Once the excessive sodium from processed foods exits your system, you will lose a few pounds of water weight, I have read once it is about seven pounds on average.

7. Visualize yourself as successful.  Make a goal for yourself, and plan a reward when you reach it.  I pulled out a pair of shorts and put them where I could see, to remind me of my goal to fit into them.  When I reached my goal I promised myself a Cinnabon. I finally got a mini Cinnabon at Burger King recently :D

I hope that these tips are helpful : D

I really want to help anyone else who may be struggling and suffering with trying to lose weight, because I know how hard it can be, and also how it can be made easy, with the right mind set.  Because as I know, crying alone won't get those pounds off!


*I learned that my cancer type is fueled by hormones, which are added into our meat supply, so I have eliminated regular meat and only eat hormone free meat.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Post Surgery Update


My surgery went very well. THANK YOU to every single person who wished me well, and in doing so, has helped me along my journey thus far. 

I have found so much love and support here just when I need it. Thank you for visiting me and leaving me such wonderful words of encouragement and support, I appreciate your kindness more than you can ever know.

I look forward to lots more years of sharing our mutual love of nail polish together  : D


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sally's Haul Report

Hi sweetie!

Here is part of a teensy haul I made at Sally's. The matching rings came with these polishes! I kept going back and visiting that green owl so I finally bought it!

These are by Finger Paints, they are shard type of glitters, little torn pieces of glitter. They are unusual and pretty and the rings really got me. Especially the owl, because they remind me, owl get better. ; )

 The green is "Owlin' at the Moon and the pink is Fishin for Fun. I like that one because the glitters are different colors.
Roses and polishes and rings make me smile

I also got China Glaze Fancy Pants free, because it was buy two get one free.  And HOT TIP, Sally's has the scented minis back in stock! I picked up the lime and it has secret shimmer. That is it on my nails in the picture.  It is so cute, I love the bottles. I have all but the cherry now.  I think I better grab that one too. For $0.99 I am sold on these.

Today is my surgery, hopefully I will be back home today, and  polishing and blogging again very soon! It really sucks that I can't wear nail polish in the operating room, I will definitely miss it's calming and distracting effect. I am bringing a bottle, and as soon as I come out from the anesthetic I will be asking my husband to polish my nails LOL!  I will hold out my hands and ask for glitter, like the addict I am! LOL


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunny Day Floral Manicure : )

Hello precious heart!

Here is a manicure I did freehand for fun. Just because!  It was what Justin Timberlake might term a "Whatever Whatever" manicure.

Once I heard that someone met JT, and complimented his tennies.  His response was supposedly "These are my "Whatever Whatever"shoes". Sounds true.

California poppies are exploding with the most beautiful orange, and made a nice backdrop for this manicure.  

I painted my nails white and used the brushes from the bottles to make the flowers. I was inspired by Robin Moses' video, here, to create an artistic design, but mine is different than hers. 

I blobbed on some flower shapes in my new favorite yellow, Sally Girl scented banana. Then I used Finger Paints Cordur-orange to paint a few blobs in the centers. Then I blended that with some Wet n Wild 9021Orange.  Finally I used Nina Leaf Me Alone to dab in a few leaves.  

Then I put Sinful Colors Smokin Hot over the top of that for a shimmer overall that softened and blended the entire design. Love4Nails on youtube, here, recommends this as her favorite layering glitter for nail art.  It is subtle opalescent orange and green microglitter in a whitish/clear base.  


This design was nowhere near perfect, but it was beautiful, colorful, cheerful and fun to wear. Smokin Hot shone green over the leaves and orange over the flowers.

I cut my nails since this. I wanted to make them easier to care for, since I have surgery next week.

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness - What it Means to Me

Hi friend!

Following up on my news from yesterday, today I learned that I will be having a partial mastectomy in one week, then undergo treatments of chemo and radiation and medication over the next year, but most intensively in the next three months.

Unfortunately, I have an agressive and invasive form of cancer, so the next bit when I find out what stage I am at will be a very important piece of information for my long term prognosis. All signs point to early days yet. I am scared though because I put off getting this lump checked for five months. Please never do what I did.

I will be updating this site with information about my recovery once I am healed from my surgery. I may update first on twitter, because that is easier for me. My handle is @lovenailpolish3

I am taking this on as a project, and I am going to get it done just like I always do. I try to learn as much as I possibly can about a subject and do my best job of completing it. That is the goal, I don't achieve perfection, ever, but I almost always get my goal accomplished in the end.

I like to handle everything with a sense of humor, and so I am trying to keep a smile on my face and enjoy every day. I am going to try to undergo these treatments with a positive outlook and kick cancer's ass.

Watch me throw down on some healing and win in an epic manner !    : )

I may blog and do nails again in the next week until surgery and after that as I can.

Take care and thank you for your positive thoughts and comments so far! It really lifts my spirits up to feel the love and support from friends who care.  : D Thank you !

Oh and I want to mention a friend of this blog Arielle Thibodeaux, who is up for Allure Blogger of the YEAR! She is such a friendly and lovely lady, check out her contest entries and vote for your pick  here.  She blogs about beauty but not just about the physical kind, and that is part of what makes her a standout. Check her awesome blog out here.

It is bloggers like Arielle who talk about all kinds of things in addition to beauty and products that are real and meaningful that have inspired me to share more of my personal story.

I will be updating again here as soon as I possibly can.

Love to each

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sharing My Bad News Moment

EDIT: I wrote this Friday, publishing Monday. I hesitated to share but today after some thought I feel I want to.

My rose garden yesterday. This is the most beautiful time of year in  the garden.

I just got some bad news.  I found a lump and it turned out to be breast cancer.  I just found out the test results. I don't know very much yet. I met with a nurse "navigator" and she was upbeat about my cure chances because it is very early.  I am going to learn a lot more about breast cancer soon. More than I wanted to know in fact.  Looks like the next year or so are going to be very "unique" for me.

Please if you have a lump too go get it checked out. I have no history of breast cancer in my family, this is a shocker, but at the same time I knew it was possible.

Bummer. I thought running that 5k run for breast cancer research and buying those pink things gave me immunity or something.

BUT, I have excellent medical care in the United States.  And it was caught early.

I am tempted to run from the doctors but I have to face this.   Good thing I had a good think about acceptance when I wrote February's  Purple Thursday for Peace post, here, and I have taken it to heart.  This is bad news but there will be some really great silver linings somewhere. Like maybe I will do the things I always say I will and never actually do!  Like write a book.

I am reading back on this as I write and can hardly believe it.


On a lighter note, I bought eight polishes today. I bought the entire Julie G Gumdrops set through Groupon and Hard Candy crush on gold and Rimmel Sunny Days.

I am going to be fine, no matter what. Will keep you updated when anything of significance happens.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Endless Blue + Elevation Polish Catch a Wave

Hi there!

Welcome to my "Endless Wave" manicure!

Sinful Colors Endless Blue plus a coat of Endless Polish Catch a Wave. I have reviewed both of these polishes previously. Endless Blue here and Catch A Wave here. I couldn't resist using Catch A Wave again. I want to make that expensive polish worthwhile! LOL $16 including shipping is expensive imo.

Confession time: that is not the most I have ever paid. I am a little embarrassed to admit I once spent $27 on OPI DS Vintage, my most expensive polish purchase ever. Do I regret it? I only regret giving it away the first time I had it when it only cost me $3. LOL

If you want to share with us in the comments, feel free confess along with me and tell us your most pricey polish purchase! 

These were very fun to wear. The huge circles are so shiny! This is the reason I love the circle glitter. Also the perfection of the circle shape is so pleasing to the eye. They look like bubbles in water.

I just saw a bit of tip wear on my thumb. I did not wear topcoat. I have a bad habit of "rationing" topcoat for some reason I don't always need nor want to use it. This glitter is sparkly and smooth enough without it. These pictures were after a day of wear.

I love that I can see both a palm tree and a redwood from my backyard. These two make me very happy.

Happy nails day to you sweetiedarlings!

HOT TIP! Good news if you live in the US and want the Julie G Gumdrops collection!  All 6 for $12.99 on Groupon, click here! But it expires in two days or when they are all gone! What a deal! I got mine already! I will be letting you know soon how I like them.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Orange for a Change


Welcome! I am happy you are here so I can share these flowers and matching orange nails with you.

This is Sally Girl mini scented polish in Orange. It was a limited edition from last summer, but if they bring it back, fingers crossed, you may want to snag one, if you are able.

It is a basic orange creme with a lovely orange scent. I love it for Spring. Two coats, no topcoat!

This polish makes me happy! And so do these flowers my husband selected. I like his choice of color very much. I just hope I don't kill 'em~

I really have enjoyed all the Sally Girl mini polishes I have tried.

Aww my nails are look shy here! LOL We all know THAT is the farthest thing from the truth!


Sally Girl Mini ORANGE
Pretty clear mid toned orange
The formula is great
The brush is good.
Big 3 Free
Cruelty Free

Limited Edition Mini from 2012 : (


Friday, April 5, 2013

A Day of Two Firsts - Gradient with Circle Glitter

Hi everyone!

I am excited to share this, my first gradient manicure, as well as my first ever circle glitter, layered over the top!

The glitter is Elevation Polish Stay Behind, Catch A Wave. The label only says Catch A Wave though. Here is a link to the website and some great bottle shots. 

I used Revlon Royal, Orly Snowcone and Wet n Wild French White Creme to do a gradient first. This was a bit of a mess. Oh was it messy and horrible. But I persevered.  First I painted the nails with White Creme, and used a technique with a makeup sponge to do the gradient.

I kept at it, I figured eventually if I applied enough layers my gradient would work. I think I put too much polish on the sponge, I overworked it over wet my white base and lifted it in spots.

I wanted to make a watery beach wave manicure, a more impressionistic version than my last wave manicure, here. Or the one before that, here.

This glitter applies easily and dried quickly. I did not use topcoat. I see wear on one or two of my nails after one day of wear, so I recommend topcoat to smooth and protect your glitter.

This glitter is beautiful, it has extra large and medium teal circle glitter, medium white glitter, iridescent green microglitters, and I am seeing some pink in there at times, but I can not pin it down.  I think it is the iridescent glitters.

This, my first Elevation Polish, is a great glitter. I purchased it because I had been wanting a circle glitter, and once I saw Jen's the Polishaholic's swatches.  She said it was one of her top five layering glitters, and when I saw her swatch I swooned.   Jen's blog is my nailblog-kryptonite because her swatches have been the final confirmation that I need a particular polish many times now.

Elevation Polish Stay Behind, Catch A Wave


It is very sparkly and beautiful
CIRCLE glitter!
Big 3 free
Cruelty free


Currently out of stock


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Inspired by Great Britain - China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On

Hi everyone.

This is China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On, part of the 2013 Limited Edition Avant Garden collection.  

This name is inspired by the famous poster Keep Calm and Carry On, which was made in Great Britain to boost morale during WWII but never actually published. Here is a link for a bit of history about this poster. 

The color and name of this polish helped me through a stressful day last week. I had to go to the doctor's for my annual checkups, I hate going to the doctor's and I get anxious whenever I do. 

Looking at this beautiful secretly shimmering minty green helped me relax. Remembering the name actually helped, and it's inspiration helped me to remember how many people before me have faced much more scary things and have remained calm.

Stiff upper lip is the idea here. Big girl blouse. You get the idea!

This is two coats without topcoat. It was a bit thick, but this gives it opacity.  I found the best way to apply this one is to put one thin coat and then one thick coat and done! The formula is good enough that the thick coat will dry in a reasonable time. 

This polish is beautiful, and I am really glad I got it, though it is very close to China Glaze Refresh-mint, pictured in this post. This has subtle silver shimmer where Refresh-mint does not. KCPO is also slightly lighter. 

 Here is the menacing poster they had in the front waiting area. I REALLY didn't enjoy this reminder when waiting in the doctor's waiting room, but of course it is true. True, but not really comforting, thanks doc.

To calm myself, I observed how beautiful and tranquil Keep Calm, Paint On makes me feel when I look at it. It matched the walls.

  I also read one of James Herriot's books, All Things Wise and Wonderful.

I was laughing out loud in the waiting room.  It had been a few years since I read this one. His writing is hilarious.

His wonderful books were also made into a television series by the BBC, which plays on public television in the United States, entitled All Creatures Great And Small. I loved watching these programs about the gentle country veterinarian, they were really funny!

Here are a few pictures from when I visited the actual veterinary offices of James Herriot in Thirsk. Here is a link to the official site.

Here is the back of the veterinary offices where James Herriot lived and worked, his wife, Helen waved her dishtowel to him out the back window.  Obviously, from the words James wrote about Helen, loved lived here.

Here I am a reproduction set of the television program. What is that Mrs. Mullins? Your dog is having the vapors? I will be right there!

Movies were made, Anthony Hopkins!

Thirsk, Yorkshire.

Beauty spots are easy to find around here.

So romantic!

This last picture, of the rolling green hills with the webs of rock walls epitomizes the Yorkshire countryside, is what I think of when I think of the beauty of Yorkshire. What a lovely and peaceful place is the Yorkshire countryside.

China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On


Gorgeous two coater
Secret shimmer adds shine and depth
Cruelty Free
Big 3 Free
Calms me right down


NONE BUT it is LE (Limited Edition) and I don't have a backup.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

OPI Catch Me in Your Net - Blue for Autism Awareness

Hello everyone.

Here I sport blue polish in order to support Autism Awareness Day.

This is OPI Catch Me In Your Net, part of a limited edition Summer Flutter collection from 2010. This is a great nail polish. A well known dupe to Zoya Charla.  It is a fine addition to a polish collection.  I remember gazing at it in wonder the first time I applied it, this one is so so sparkly! This is three coats with no topcoat.

Autism is a mysterious disorder with no known cure, in which the sufferer has difficulty in communicating and interacting with others, and exhibits repetitive behavior. It begins to become evident at around age 2.

It is becoming more common in the United States, with 11.3 of 1000 children identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in the United States in 2012 according to the Center For Disease Control. 

More boys than girls are diagnosed with Autism 1 in 54 vs 1 in 252 according to the CDC website.

My hope is that one day we will find a way to prevent and cure Autism, so no more children and their families have to suffer the effects of this disorder.