Friday, April 5, 2013

A Day of Two Firsts - Gradient with Circle Glitter

Hi everyone!

I am excited to share this, my first gradient manicure, as well as my first ever circle glitter, layered over the top!

The glitter is Elevation Polish Stay Behind, Catch A Wave. The label only says Catch A Wave though. Here is a link to the website and some great bottle shots. 

I used Revlon Royal, Orly Snowcone and Wet n Wild French White Creme to do a gradient first. This was a bit of a mess. Oh was it messy and horrible. But I persevered.  First I painted the nails with White Creme, and used a technique with a makeup sponge to do the gradient.

I kept at it, I figured eventually if I applied enough layers my gradient would work. I think I put too much polish on the sponge, I overworked it over wet my white base and lifted it in spots.

I wanted to make a watery beach wave manicure, a more impressionistic version than my last wave manicure, here. Or the one before that, here.

This glitter applies easily and dried quickly. I did not use topcoat. I see wear on one or two of my nails after one day of wear, so I recommend topcoat to smooth and protect your glitter.

This glitter is beautiful, it has extra large and medium teal circle glitter, medium white glitter, iridescent green microglitters, and I am seeing some pink in there at times, but I can not pin it down.  I think it is the iridescent glitters.

This, my first Elevation Polish, is a great glitter. I purchased it because I had been wanting a circle glitter, and once I saw Jen's the Polishaholic's swatches.  She said it was one of her top five layering glitters, and when I saw her swatch I swooned.   Jen's blog is my nailblog-kryptonite because her swatches have been the final confirmation that I need a particular polish many times now.

Elevation Polish Stay Behind, Catch A Wave


It is very sparkly and beautiful
CIRCLE glitter!
Big 3 free
Cruelty free


Currently out of stock



  1. It's very pretty - it reminds me of snow on a sunny day :)

  2. This looks fab!

    I got a bottle of this yesterday too, and it also says just 'Catch a Wave' on the label .......... maybe the full name is just too big for the label!

    1. Oh good pick! : ) I think it is sold out now! : ( But she restocks : ) I love this polish, and the inspiration! I want to wear it again!

  3. Gorgeous!! I'm betting the big brands are watching all of us buying circle glitters from indies and starting to think they need to do some, too.

  4. omg running to add it to my to do list!

  5. (Grabs heart) Are you trying to kill me. Lol! Absolutely stunning! I need to do more gradients :)

    1. No!! NeVER want to hurt one teeny hair on your head! You are one of my favorite people! I will take this post down for you if you want!


      DO EM! LOL

  6. I love gradients with glitter on top. This looks so nice!


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