Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Julie G Gumdrops Crushed Candy is NOMMY : )

Hi Honey Pie : D

Here are some sweet sugar drops for your eyeballs : ) Julie G Frosted Gumdrops in the stunning Crushed Candy. This is my favorite of the whole set.

I bought the whole set from Groupon for $12.99, plus about three bucks shipping, and they all arrived unbroken, happily : D   Shipping was slow, it took twelve days between purchase and delivery.  But it was better than driving myself all over the map looking for these and paying even more for them.

This polish is a standout in the set. The color is gorgeous, with it's mid range lavender tone reflecting all shades of purple sparkles.  It contains microglitter and small hex glitters in silvery lavender.

Three coats, no base nor topcoat. After one day of wear. The texture is not my favorite, if something sticky gets on the nail, you can not just wipe it cleanly off, it sinks into the texture.

But for a special occasion or a novelty polish, this one is really pretty great I think!

It dries fast and the formula is incredibly easy to work with. I adore the formulas on these. They are thick enough that the darker shades can be worn at one coat, if you aren't too worried about 100% complete coverage.

So that translates to a polish that could be applied in a very short time, one for those days when a quick turnaround is needed.

I was not a fan of the texture craze until now. The gumdrop idea got me, yep, you can get this kid at heart interested in your product if you wave about a bit of candy.

The large rose is a variety called Tiffany, and it is so fabulous in every way, it reminds me of a supermodel. I named it Naomi.

 It dwarfs the florist roses.

Here is a project I worked on this week. I bought this cute butterfly for $1 at Dollar Tree to put on my fence. I am going to paint it with nail polish to fancy it up.  I will post the after picture soon : )

I also got an orange and a blue too : ) I want to go buy more : )

Hope you have a beautiful day ! : D



  1. This is really pretty! I'm not universally bowled over by the textured polishes, but I really like some colours, and this is one of them!

    Did you change your nail shape recently - they look great :D

    1. Yes, as a matter of fact I DID change my nail shape! You are pretty sharp, UKNailRunner!

      I had been nursing a break, but once I learned I needed surgery I gave them the chop so I could get to the serious business of getting the rest of myself through the surgery : )

      I actually didn't mind the shorter length, I am glad you also find them pleasing : )

      Thank you for your kind comments : D

    2. I love your new shape and length... Sometimes I think really long nails are aging like really long hair... But you should do what makes you happy first and foremost. Speaking of nursing a break... My big toe nail got a huge break right in half; It was only broken halfway through the middle. So I tried the Orly Nail Rescue kit and it worked beautifully.

  2. Oh I love this colour! I like that you put so much effort in taking pictures of your nails with the pretty flowers:) xoxo Wieteke

    1. Thank you pretty lady! I am glad I am not annoying to you with my flowers, because I love sharing them with you : )

  3. It's a gorgeous polish in every way...!


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