Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sally's Haul Report

Hi sweetie!

Here is part of a teensy haul I made at Sally's. The matching rings came with these polishes! I kept going back and visiting that green owl so I finally bought it!

These are by Finger Paints, they are shard type of glitters, little torn pieces of glitter. They are unusual and pretty and the rings really got me. Especially the owl, because they remind me, owl get better. ; )

 The green is "Owlin' at the Moon and the pink is Fishin for Fun. I like that one because the glitters are different colors.
Roses and polishes and rings make me smile

I also got China Glaze Fancy Pants free, because it was buy two get one free.  And HOT TIP, Sally's has the scented minis back in stock! I picked up the lime and it has secret shimmer. That is it on my nails in the picture.  It is so cute, I love the bottles. I have all but the cherry now.  I think I better grab that one too. For $0.99 I am sold on these.

Today is my surgery, hopefully I will be back home today, and  polishing and blogging again very soon! It really sucks that I can't wear nail polish in the operating room, I will definitely miss it's calming and distracting effect. I am bringing a bottle, and as soon as I come out from the anesthetic I will be asking my husband to polish my nails LOL!  I will hold out my hands and ask for glitter, like the addict I am! LOL


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