Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunny Day Floral Manicure : )

Hello precious heart!

Here is a manicure I did freehand for fun. Just because!  It was what Justin Timberlake might term a "Whatever Whatever" manicure.

Once I heard that someone met JT, and complimented his tennies.  His response was supposedly "These are my "Whatever Whatever"shoes". Sounds true.

California poppies are exploding with the most beautiful orange, and made a nice backdrop for this manicure.  

I painted my nails white and used the brushes from the bottles to make the flowers. I was inspired by Robin Moses' video, here, to create an artistic design, but mine is different than hers. 

I blobbed on some flower shapes in my new favorite yellow, Sally Girl scented banana. Then I used Finger Paints Cordur-orange to paint a few blobs in the centers. Then I blended that with some Wet n Wild 9021Orange.  Finally I used Nina Leaf Me Alone to dab in a few leaves.  

Then I put Sinful Colors Smokin Hot over the top of that for a shimmer overall that softened and blended the entire design. Love4Nails on youtube, here, recommends this as her favorite layering glitter for nail art.  It is subtle opalescent orange and green microglitter in a whitish/clear base.  


This design was nowhere near perfect, but it was beautiful, colorful, cheerful and fun to wear. Smokin Hot shone green over the leaves and orange over the flowers.

I cut my nails since this. I wanted to make them easier to care for, since I have surgery next week.

Thanks for looking

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