Thursday, May 2, 2013

Julie G Frosted Gumdrops - Tangerine Dream

Hi sweetness : )

Here is a lovely polish I have to share with you today, Julie G Tangerine Dream.  It is the orangiest looking orange I have ever seen.  It looks so much more like a real orange than a gumdrop in my opinion.

I wanted to photograph this polish with a gumdrop, but I couldn't bring myself to buy any for fear I would end up eating them. LOL  I don't like them, but if they are around they may end up in the food cave.

 This polish is my least favorite of the Gumdrops, because it is slightly more sheer. It took three to four coats to achieve this opacity. The others are opaque at one or two.

Wait, do you see what I see?

 There. On my thumb.


That is Finger Paints Fishin for Fun. I love this glitter! It has two colors of pink shards in a clear base and it is so fun and shiny! It glammed up my Gumdrop a treat.  Here I go getting it all over more nails, with topcoat too.

Because of the two colors of glitter, FFF has more interest than a solid shard glitter. The light pink reflects in some lights, the dark fuchsia in others. This one is a keeper.  

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