Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Julie G Gumdrops Gradient - Cool Flavored Spectrum

Hello there !

I hope you are well and happy today!  Today I have a gradient I made with the cooler half of the Julie G Frosted Gumdrops set.  

I used Blueberry Fizz (blue) , Rock Candy (green) and Crushed Candy (purple).

I used the brushes from the bottles to create this gradient. NO TOPCOAT used in the pictures. It is recommended not to use any for the full effect. 

First I painted all the nails in two coats of the heavenly Blueberry Fizz. My impression of this polish is that it is fit for an angel. It is a silvery, heavenly, beautiful sparkly and silvery blue.

The cool shades are a dreamy formula of microglitter and small hexes in the base color of the polish.  Because of the texture, the polishes have great depth and an interesting play of light and dark within each color.

I had fun applying dabs of the other colors in random triple gradients. The purple and blue contrasted well, but the blue and green are very close and don't show up as well.

I wanted a little  feeling of a tumbling gradient.

This shot is my recently developed, current "signature" pose, with the palm and/or redwood trees in natural light. 

The warm shades do not contain the silvery hexes, but rather smaller flake looking particles of glitter with gold and pink aspects at times.  I have a preference for this finish.

  In the shade.

These polishes are easy to use for gradients on the fly using the brush from the bottle.  Just don't use much polish and work from the dark area to the lighter as  it gets dry as you reach the gradient fade area.

As always here on the blog, I was not given this polish for free by any nail polish manufacturing company.


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