Saturday, June 29, 2013

Platinum Linings

Hello and welcome to my first Platinum Linings post!

Here is a lovely mani I enjoyed for Memorial Day, and will work well for the 4th of July!

This is ICING Quick Sand "Sand Dollar" with a layer of ICING Patriotic over the top.

I was in ICING yesterday and they had both of these in stock, but Patriotic was down to a couple or three bottles.

ICING Quick Sand is a texture polish and it is gorgeous,with small sparkling sand and small silver glitters.  Patriotic is Red White and Blue large hexes in clear glitter.  It is AWESOME. So together these two are gorgeous AWESOME.

The quick sand looks great at one coat and is a very FAST drying polish. You can do one coat and your nails look gorgeously glimmery, with a bit of VNL, but it is so pretty, you could stand it for a quick trip to get gas, aka petrol. ; )  It is not hard to remove either! These textures are a great base for your chunky glitters. ( I hope you can check me on this, if you try it I would LOVE to know what you think!) I think they may be easier to remove over a texture than regular polish!

If you want to read my first Platinum Linings post, read on!   I will always have a polish post then a Platinum Linings post to share each time, so there is something pretty for your eyeballs to see : )  The manicures will be related to the subject of the post. This is my way to show love for my subject and reflect it on my nails!  Today's nails are platinum colored, so there you have the tie in for today! : D

My Platinum Linings are Many!

Though I just  got diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago, I have never been happier or more fulfilled in my life.

A big reason for this is what I call "Platinum Linings", the sweet rewards which I am lucky to realize now at this stage of life.

Each of these people or things deserve an entire post, which I am planning to do, and I will include a tribute manicure with each post.

Family - Members of my family are 100% supportive of me in everything I need. Relationships have either been strengthened or broken, which is actually really all for the good.

Community - Members of my community have provided me with nutritious cooked home delivered free food, wigs, makeup, hats and emotional support.  This has been very overwhelming at times, because I don't feel comfortable taking things or asking for help. I want to say I am not soliciting or asking for anything here. I have been blessed with all I need.

Blogging Friends - Here, friends of my blog, have provided me with such wonderful encouragement at this time when I need it most.  You didn't have to, but you did take time to comment or email me, or talk with me on twitter, and it really cheers me up to no end!  I smile and laugh at least once every day because of one of my friends. I thank you, each and every one of you reading this now. Much love and happiness I wish for you in return for providing me with a big lift here : )

Personal Growth Experience - Having cancer has caused me to do things that I would not have done otherwise, and in actuality, they are things I wanted to do but had not done before.  Such as purchasing a wig.  Or volunteer to be a model for the Look Good Feel Better train the teachers class for the American Cancer Society. By the way, to the beautiful volunteers and Barbara and Tony D, I recieved the card and it is one of the nicest I have ever received. Thank YOU for the opportunity to help women who will help other women with cancer. I want to do that again and take pictures this time.

Perspective Change - Now I feel the need to do things a bit more urgently as I feel a time pressure. This is not bad at all!

Appreciation for Life

Loss of Fear

Becoming a WoW (Woman of Wisdom) -Thank goodness getting older has it's rich rewards!

Etc Etc Etc

Until the next time
Platinum Linings and nail polish I wish for you!

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