Tuesday, July 30, 2013

After the Cut - Chemo treatment Reaction

Learning to Cope Here is my side effects diary!

Day 1 Chemo Day Cycle 2 - tired mainly from a seven hour doctor's office visit and steroid pre chemo dosage the day before. Very teary and emotional from the lack of sleep and side effect of my sleeping pill. I think I had five hours, up at around 3 am. Some of this sleeplessness is the steroid, some is a normal pattern for me.

Day 2 Chemo Cycle 2 - extremely nervous, had company in my home, invited my neighbor in for a mani.  Worked hard, I forgot my appointment to go get Neulasta because I had such memory problem. I totally blamed my doctor, he have me the chemobrain and did not call and remind me of my appointment. I need an assistant. I may be putting out a want ad.  Haha. No joke.

Day 3, slept better was exhausted. Got about six hours. Went to get Neulasta shot. Feeling very emotional and shaky. Called Mom crying. Have not done that for YEARS.  I felt better, it was just emotions. Feel tired, weak, not hungry, anorexic. Hands are beginning to feel dry and some tingling in my toes. Tonight my throat is sore, and my tongue is beginning to swell up. My mouth is becoming dry, so food is harder to eat. Soup is good this day for dinner therefore. My feet are tripping me up a bit and I am feeling some weird tingling at times in my toes. This is what I believe is called peripheral neuropathy, where your smaller nerves are so delicate they become injured in your fingers and toes from the chemotherapy drug called Taxotere. They may recover or not.

Day 4 This was the hardest day for me yet.  I didn't get much sleep. maybe five hours. I had trouble sleeping the days surrounding the "hard chemo" for mainly one reason, the steroid medication Dexamethazone. It makes you feel like you had five cups of espresso. So I am not resting.  My heart began palpitating this week, it is very pronounced, during inactivity, during times of emotional stress. It feels like my heart is straining a little at times.

Day 5 The worst day of my life in the last decade. I had major problems with one of the medications, which ironically, is not even strictly needed.  The medication is a steroid called Dexamethazone. It is administered to prevent swelling from the chemotherapy. I discussed the side effect of agitation with my doc. I am bipolar 2. I do not willingly trigger mania with medications any more.  We talked, and he agreed to halve the dosage.  Thank you Dr.!!! I shudder, shudder to think of what state I would have been in had the dosage been doubled.  The suffering of a manic episode triggered by the steroids, combined with the chemotherapy fatigue, and lack of sleep have been a triple whammy.  But you know what? I am five days in now.

I trust my wonderful doctor, Dr. Wayne Keiser, so much that I made us both very uncomfortable when I said " I Love You" after I couldn't contain myself after we hugged at my visit this week. Well he is saving my life and feels my boobies every three weeks, I haz feelz!

So you can see how my mind is wandering. If you follow my twitter, you may see I suffer bouts of insomnia, which is a problem for me for reasons I explained in a previous post, here.  The combination of lack of sleep and a feeling that I am on a pot of espresso constantly is my issue. To combat the extreme energy, I take valium. It seems to work to calm me very well, and so I take as needed. Problem with that is guess what? It has side effects too!  But this one is not bad.  It makes me sad.  I cry over anything when I take a valium.  But crying is good sometimes and so this week, I have cried quite a bit, just really due to side effects.  Yesterday, the worst day:

Timeline as I can remember:
Awoke at 2 or 3 am.
Stayed up on twitter meeting fabulous people who are either insomniac or another time zone.
Meeting and enjoying myself with them so much I never got back to sleep
My hubs got up, normal, I iron his stuff, he goes to work at 8
I then call my doctor, because I am in distress and leave a message with the help line.
I fall asleep on the bed for a couple hours of blessed sleep and I am awakened by the voice of the advice nurse on the answering machine saying goodbye call me directly blah more questions blah
Call, ask for her directly, got message again. uHG. Left message. Wait Wait Wait. 11 am.
I called and insisted to talk to the nurse NOW. I AM UPSET and my heart is palpitating. It is growing very tired because I can not lie down and rest. I need someone to hold me down unless I take a cocktail of prescription, alternative and herbal therapies plus sleepytime tea.  Even if I fall asleep after the cocktail, I awake four hours later.  This is just like the pattern of a manic episode.

 I know doctors do not know it all, FACT. My doctor, the dear, had no idea, nor any of the nurses that Herceptin ruins fingernails and toenails! I will show you through the treatment, and already now, how it is starting to affect my hands. Read for yourself this forum of generous sisters as a resource of anecdotal information from women who experience the effects themselves.  I have not joined however, I will use my own website to document my story instead. Plus I read their terms of service. I am doing that more lately!

Ok here is a big point for you. Medication. Advertising makes medicine sound great! Listen to the glowing types of things I have been told about the medicine Herceptin. Herceptin is not chemo, it is a "targeted" therapy. This is new in the last dozen or so years.

"Oh it is wonderful"
"Fifty percent improvement in survival rate"
"Biggest development in breast cancer treatment in years"

Sounds wonderful!  Pretty much is compared to Chemo.  But what I did not expect was that my fingernails could

crack vertically
lift up from the nail bed
discolor to brown
fall off
worse even still.... on the toes.

The cuticles dry, crack, can split, bleed and become infected.  WTH.

I got "triple positive" aggressive stage one breast cancer. Sent me reeling for two months. Lumpectomy and then another surgery to put a bionic device in my chest to feed the chemo into the vein near my heart. The port surgery was worse for me by the way.  I will undergo another surgery to have the port out later. Dealing with it.

I have to have chemo because I have aggressive HER2 positive cancer. Handling it.

My crown of platinum streaked threads, that took me 47 years to love, was shorn with not much fanfare, well a bit, I vined it on twitter.

I was able to accept all of this because at each stage I told myself, well I still have my nails and my blog to keep me happy.  But then I began to learn about the effects of Herceptin on nails.  This hit me hard, I have to lose that too?  After a bit of a pity party, and a think, I got a great idea. I am going to find a hand model or five who want some pretty nails done in exchange for allowing me the rights to take pictures of them and show my work on my blog! I have already done my first amateur client's nails!  No pics, she had to run, but she called me and thanked me so much!

She went from a nail biter who hides her nails to a lady who is flashing her digits like a diva. You know how I mean, think Rihanna or Amy Winehouse.

  I have no vanity left, I bare everything, well almost to you now. I am a lady after all! I am not a vain person any more. I have sympathy for other women who have to suffer treatments and also the loss of their femininity and have parts of their essential female ness cut out.

My heart really goes out to my sisters who have to do what I am doing while also working a job or to raise kids and care for them. I could not do it all! I really do not know how you could get this chemo regimen and work. I know I can not except on my own schedule when I have the energy. Thank goodness I have the luxury of working for my husband as his domestic goddess. I wish for every woman to have as much or more support than I. Because now I know how much it is needed and appreciated. Every little 'elps, as the British store Tesco's likes to say.

Day 5 post chemo Cycle 2 This was a very bad day because of a lack of sleep. Also I am having trouble eating now. My tongue is swollen and my mouth is dry and rough. I have been sleeping two different times per night. First time I normal bed time until 3am, then I awake and return to bed at 8 am. I am very agitated, upset and irritable. I feel extremely confused, the only thing I am good at  now is to focus on writing.  My memory is so bad, I thought I had a bad memory before. Now I am wandering around wondering why today, all upset because I either can't find or remember something.

Day 8 I can barely type, walk, eat, and I need a cane. I have aged thirty years in one week. Bhy====== Butsgekk  Nutshell.  That gobbledegook?  UI an a wruterm tgus us wgat cines ihgt
translated with agony and tears I dont remember what I wan=s == tosag ==U \I  can almost literallg not type this. Each letter toi=] ]==I cant tomorroa I will try I cant I am dayng

Here you can witness my mind becoming mush in the evidence above.  I stopped this diary when I could no longer literally type the letter t.  The letter t came out as d. EVERY TIME.

What happened to me? Well, it was not nice. Not pretty. It was traumatic. It was a psychotic reaction to steroid medications which aggravated my bipolar disorder. I literally became another person, whom I neither know nor remember very well, for two weeks.

I will answer any question you have on this subject privately if you want or need an answer or are curious. I will share that it was a trauma, to me, my husband, my dog, and my family, doctors, and even neighbors and friends.  I will share my psychotic medication reaction story with you after the cut.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Platinum Armor AND Lining - My Husband

I have a strong Platinum Lining and Platinum Armor, and that  is my husband! He adorned me with a platinum ring and cleaned out his bank account with almost his last dime to give it to me. I made this manicure for him especially with ICING Heart of Gold over Finger Paints Be-Leaf it or Not. He picked these polishes out special for me.

Blurry, but you see the specialness of Heart of Gold in this pic.  My husband has specialness, but you need to take a minute to notice it, if at first he doesn't catch your eye, that is! Wink wink!

On our honeymoon in Las Vegas, we visited the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.  WE LOVED IT!
ALL of our marriage trip and honeymoon trip was a blast a complete blast.

A miracle happened when I met Michael. I did not know this at the time, I only knew when you walked in the room, that I had met my match.  And now we are together forever. For all eternity. In a movie as extras. With Clint Eastwood.  And James Garner, with whom I actually spoke (he complimented my turquoise ring I wore in the movie - not name dropping, sharing with a friend, you.  Also, Tommy Lee Jones is the real hero of the movie, he asked to borrow my husband's hat during a break in filming.  Of course, my dear husband obliged.

What would  you have done? LOL?  I LOVE Tommy Lee Jones, he IS TEXAN too, like my DAD and SWAYZE too, y'all.

Donald Sutherland was in it too. I am cut out of most showings of Space Cowboys on tv, but I am on the DVD version.  ANyhooo....

And now, fifteen years on, he is willing to spend his last dollar to save my life paying for cancer treatments I need. What. Ever. It. Takes. That is what we say today.

Now, now I know. I know what it means to have a love that is what I need.  He takes me to the doctor appointments, the store, the pharmacy, to buy me a new polish, to buy shoes.  This man has told me that whatever in the world I want it is mine if he can give it to me.

I don't ask for much from him for this reason, he would knock himself out trying to give me all I asked for. I would never ask him to work harder than he had to for me. I want him to rest and enjoy our time together when he is home with me. 

Why I Love Him
He is a kind person. He gave money to a homeless man about a week ago. He pulled up to an intersection, and as is common here, a very rough man was eating and laying half in the street begging for money.  He stopped well away from the man and he said he wanted to give him money. I pulled out some cash, and so when we pulled up and the light turned green we pulled near and handed the poor soul a few bucks.  Neither of us usually do that, there are so many homeless people in our beautiful area, we cannot afford to hand out money to all of them, though I would if I could.

Well, would you believe the cars behind us didn't like that we made them wait about two seconds to help a poor person, a lexus  driver sped around us and yelled out his window directly toward my shocked face as he passed us full of anger. Some ugly word and face passed by my window and he sped on his selfish way. Good for you, mister hurry up don't care about a poor man lying in the road. I do hope you never need compassion from a stranger, and they ignore you, but that is up to karma, your own, mister hurry up rich selfish man in that dirty ugly fancy car. It may be expensive, but it needed a washing, badly, and the color was hideous light blue with dirt trim, but with you in it, it is an filthy, vile, toxic, ugmobile.

My husband is not like that man, he is the man who helps by giving money to homeless people. He buys them a sandwich sometimes instead of money, because why not? He has taught me to be more giving to others, and loving to people in that way.

That was what made me notice him stand out from the crowd. His eyes, voice, ways all speak of a kind heart beating within him. His presence is a calming force, and everyone who meets him feels the peace within him.  He is a slow talker, but it is because he is thoughtful, considering each word.

When I met him, I was not used to how he talked, and I interrupted and tried to help him finish his sentences. But I learned soon to shut up, he has different thoughts than I do and hey, they are really different, and wow, maybe brilliant too. My ego was told to sit down and shut up and be patient for him.  And he is worth the wait, his words are like gems from his lips to me.  I value his opinions. He is my everything, my sanity check, my sounding board, my best friend, it was always only ever us, since I found him, the love of my life. 

What is so amazing, is now, after celebrating our fifteenth wedding anniversary this year, we really still enjoy each other's company, and our love has become mature. Now romance to me is that he does the dishes now.  He carries the heavy bags in. He advocates for me and would defend me with his life, like a tiger. Every woman needs a man like this to treat them like the most beautiful and wonderful and magical queen who walked the earth.

If the universe makes me rich I will give generously to others, not build myself a five car garage on a gated compound. I promise you that. Why would I want to separate myself from humanity. I have chosen, with my husband's support, to give back to those that have given to me. He has given me a platform and support to write this to you now. He is pretty cool, right?

Every girl deserves the Taj Mahal, but a great monument to love can all be built within the trusting space between two people, built up over years of kind words and deeds filled with love and genuine affection and caring. Love is about how someone makes you feel, not shiny cars, homes and blingy rings and extra celebrated super expensive fanciest wedding ceremonies for show. Which, I believe was completely awkward, awful, forced and utterly sKripted and re-shot until each take was "perfeKt". Aggro (this is what British people call "aggravation") all around.

Te Amo. I love you. In French, Dutch, Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali,  Je t'aime. Ik houd van ye.
Ek is lief vir jou
 أنا أحبك
 আমি তোমায় ভালোবাসি

volim te is Croatian, his family has origins in Croatia.

Ninakupenda is what I would say to him in Swahili

我爱你 I am proud to say this in Chinese.

Mahal kita is how I feel about him in Filipino

ti amo in Italian too

Love is beautiful in every language.

And for what you did to defend me from the three additional traumas I experienced today, each of which left my heart pounding through my blouse and my knees knocking.

What is "I love you" in your language? Dishes?  Taking out the trash? LOL

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Platinum Lining - Kelly Tomlinson of Kell's DIY Nails

Hello friend!  Welcome!

I have mentioned that I have many blessings that I am realizing as a result of my recent health crisis,  Platinum Linings as I call them. I can see many of the occurrences lately directly relate to my diagnosis of cancer. It is putting into effect a chain of events that is resulting in many of my dreams coming true. 

The order of these posts is determined by primarily by the manicures I have ready to publish and the approximate chronological order of occurrence of the event I will detail.

Today's Platinum Lining is a person I know. She gave me something to be excited about at a time when I was feeling extremely worried, depressed and pessimistic. 

I have never met in person, but I have really grown to appreciate her since I met her online.  

This is my tribute manicure for Kelly Tomlinson of Kell's DIY Nails, linked here. She gave me this glitter nail polish as a gift just because she knew I was asking help to find out the name. This is one coat over Julie G Hot Cinnamon, a well named texture polish. (TREND (I am trying to start) ALERT: Chunky glitter over texture is happening here now a lot LOL)

The story behind this polish:

I was in the hospital waiting area the day of my lumpectomy, I had just checked in, obviously at wits end, but I was distracted when I saw a girl with this glitter polish on her toes, and it was sooo shiny! I had to ask what it was and all she knew was that it was an Essie.

So while I was recovering from surgery I asked my twitter friends if they knew what the polish could be. Kelly knew what it was, and told me, sure enough it was Essie A Cut Above.  She asked me "Do you want it?".

Um YEAH, but geez, I don't go around asking for polish from my friends, so I said yes, but knew I had to send her some in return, which I later did. (But guess what, she just sent me another bottle of polish!)

I was not having the best week right after my surgery but I had some exciting nail mail to look forward to! Thanks to my friend Kelly I knew I had an exciting glitter polish gift from an earth angel on the way to me!  I can not tell you how much this lifted my spirits. She sent me a super sweet care package, full of toxin free samples, information on green products and two nail polishes, including this one!  Also she sent a cute little card, with a puppy on the front, Rough Spot!

I have not been the recipient of a nail polish Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK) before, but now I have, and it is all thanks to Kelly, of Kell's DIY nails!  Kelly is more than just a pretty face and set of digits, she is kind to people and animals and a great person to know.  I have spoken of her before on my blog, here, and now here again, and she is always commenting, encouraging and complimenting me! Thank you Kelly, for being a friend when I needed one.  You and my other buddies I am getting to know online are part of my "happiness team", thank you for being a star player! : D

So this manicure is for you Kelly. This polish, A Cut Above, really is, just like you are. It is extremely mirrorlike and brilliant, due to the particular combination of glitter sizes and proportions.  This glitter, when applied in heavy coats, looks like pink mirrors at a distance, trust me, it is what caught my eye when I saw it on that girl. It is different from other glitters, a bit better, more shiny, definitely A Cut Above!  Just like you, dear reader~


Thursday, July 4, 2013

My 4th of July Manicure and an Announcement

I hope your day is going well for you, whether or not you celebrate the Fourth of July!  Even if you don't, you may enjoy this patriotic manicure, and some of the ideas and this color scheme might work for showing your love for your country as well!
 My starting point is here with L to R:
China Glaze Cranberry Splash
Salon Perfect
Salon Perfect Sapphire Sparkle
Revlon Metallic
OPI Navy Shatter over Metallic (pinkie)

 Ready to make some crackle magic happen. OPI Red Shatter is the choice for my middle nail.

  Here we see the lovely shattering effect which happens quickly.

 This is a great crackle polish, Fractured Foil. It could likely use a thin.     Alone this one looks a bit lumpy because it is thick. In the pic below the ring is dry and the index is drying.

NOTE: To use crackle polish. First apply the under layer of your choice and allow to dry. Then work with a heavily loaded brush but not dripping, defining the left side of the nail with the line of the polish flowing off the brush. Work wet into wet, keeping a wet edge, stroke the middle of the nail and get more polish if need be then finish by defining the right side of the nail ( or vice versa).  Do not apply a second coat of polish.

Patriotic glitters follow along nicely to unify the design. Icing Patriotic and Wet and Wild the Star of the Show.

Thanks for helping with the photography today goes to my husband.

I have enjoyed my new crackles more than I dreamed possible. Just goes to show you, buying polish just because it is cheap and on sale for 75% off is a great idea! You may really love it you never know! I love bargains, and keeping it cheap is keeping it cheerful too : O)

So today I want to say what I love about the United States of America. 

I love our diversity, and our welcoming spirit. We the people welcome people from all nations to come and live in our country. I love running into people from all nationalities, backgrounds, immigration statuses, travelers, visitors, from every land on earth, and possibly some from beyond.  I love our cultural diversity, which originates both within and without our borders. I just love all kinds of people, and  many other Americans do too.  

Many Americans have a very humanitarian and caring spirit, we are often there to help when others need us, within and without our borders, volunteering at natural disasters. I love that about people, not just Americans, but I think it is wonderful when we are able to help each other through the tough times, all kinds.

I love our freedoms, I am so grateful that I can do so almost anything I care to do here in the USA.  Anything can happen to anyone, dreams come true, rags to riches stories happen overnight. 

I love that there is so much good in our country, I know personally people who go out of their way to volunteer to help others in the time of greatest need, out of the goodness of their hearts.  I know I appreciate the type of person that does this more than I ever have, as I am now benefiting from the generosity of the ceresproject.org. They are incredible and I love them for bringing me and my husband prepared meals for free while I undergo treatment. This is such a blessing, because now the energy I would spend shopping and cooking and preparing super foods can be spent doing what I like to do. That is a gift beyond measure.

I am so grateful to the USA, thank you AMERICA! 



I am creating a one of a kind nail polish collection inspired by the announcement today that there is going to be a Trailer Park Boys season 8! This was announced today, July 4th 2013, and I am already at work collaborating with some of the stars of the show  through  facebook and twitter on a unique one of a kind collection of polishes inspired by the characters of the show. I have gotten color ideas and names from Sarah Dunsworth@SarahDunsworth and Cyrus@bernierobichaud, and today on facebook I think Jean Paul (Julian) replied to me duing their announcement Q&A. I am so excited about this I can hardly stand it! : D

I am going to be at work on it over the next while, so look for the polishes to debut here as soon as I get them perfected.  

These polishes are going to be super special, and they will have more than just a fun purpose. I would like to auction them off and donate the money to  homeless charities here in Sonoma County, and to the American Cancer Society. 

YAAY! TPB8 the series !! TPB3 The movie !!

Love and Happy Freedom Day! 

UNIqE Fourth of July Nails !! Red NAKED and Blue

Happy Fourth Of July! Here are some unique manicures I have created for us to celebrate!

This is representing freedom, love, tolerance, unity and acceptance, and the purple patch is to cover a ding, and represents the idea that we are not perfect, but we can patch it up and it will be alright!   Also the term purple patch means a time of intense love and passion, or so I have heard, and I have lots of love for my country. (NOTE: this is not the same as my government, LOL)

I got the idea  for a patch to fix my boo boo from one of my best nail art blogging buddies, Wendy at M.A.S.P.O.O.A.S.E. blog.  Here manicure here gave me the idea for a cute patch when I dinged after two layers of the heart! And again I make lemons become lemonade! Thanks Wendy for this inspiration. By the way, her twitter handle is Wendy@catfink1664, I highly recommend  you follow her!

Here is my first manicure for you today ! Happy Fourth of July!

The rainbow has pink instead of purple, I lack a purple striper. See? Plus there is some symbolism there.

Here are some of the polishes I used mid manicure.

OPI Blue Shatter, White Shatter, ($1.80 at Big Lots right now) Salon Perfect Sapphire Sparkle, Revlon Metallic, Salon Perfect Snow Flurry, Revlon Cloud ($2.00 at Big Lots packaged with Metallic ).

What a real mess! I did three manicures this day, one failicure I didn't photograph. I worked for hours! But it is fun for me, so it is not really work.

I lined them up like this while I was talking on the telephone and thought it looked like a drill sergeant in front of a class of boot camp recruits.  There are two other instructors behind the line to make sure none of them make a break for it.

 I loved the idea of this more than the reality, but it was an exercise.

 Oh yeah I used OPI DS Shimmer too on the pinkie and middle. You can hardly see it : ( That is the problem with the DS holos they are sheer.

Not perfect, but that is so me, and so much our beloved United States.

Now I do not believe anyone will accuse me of copying the manicure below. I tried eight EIGHT times to paint the middle nail in a simple white shimmer. I could not seem to manage this in about four hours yesterday. I gave up and wore this shopping.  I think my manicure was telling me something this day, symbolically.


Polishes used:
China Glaze Cranberry Splash
Salon Perfect Sapphire Sparkle
Revlon Metallic
Icing Patriotic
Revlon Cloud

   Red White and Blue Shatters, and Patriotic glitter made this right hand version of my star spangled banner.
I love the simplicity of this manicure, I picked my favorite red,white blue and a couple of untrieds and the shatters and banged it out on the fly using only brushes from the bottle!

I photoshopped this a bit, my hands are so dry right now. This is partly because of  the medicines I'm on, plus I need to step up my moisturizing game.

I finished the left hand and added more to this right and will post it later today! Also. I hereby make this announcement that I am going to make an exciting announcement then too!

Happy Fourth of July everyone everywhere!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Easy and Fun July 4th Manicure

Hi there!

Here are some nails I wore yesterday in preparation for the 4th of July. I am really feeling the red white and blue right now. Here are two versions of this manicure.

Here I am showing my new OPI Shatters, Red Shatter and Blue Shatter, which I found at Big Lots for $1.80 each (thank you all knowing bargain spotter G -G I don't know you but for some reason I imagine you are Italian and your name is Gina. WEirD BRAIN! I love Italians by the way, my best girl friend is one!)  Wet n Wild French White Creme again is my go-to white, and the sparkles are from SOPI Meet me at the Disco, which I previously showed you, along with a dupe, here.

Also I used a bit of one of my new favorite polishes, ICING Quick Sand in Sand Dollar. I love this silver texture glitter, on my index and ring tips here. I applied SOPI MMATD over all the nails and it added the spangles to my banner beautifully.

Crackles make the "Americana style"  flag so easy! The beauty of the crackles is that they don't have to be applied perfectly, they are going to look messy anyway, so they are very forgiving.

After I asked my husband's opinion, he said it needed more glitter. No wonder I love him so much! Here you go lovely husband!

I had fun with a new striper, and it is one hot mess. But guess what? My husband liked the stripey star the best of all the nails!  Even the other hand which I will show. It looked much better in real life at normal size, it looked complex, as the picture below shows.  I am holding some of my favorite new cheese I found, it is made from grass fed cows, who are not treated with antibiotics nor hormones.  I am so happy to find cheese I can eat! I love cheese so much I call myself a cheese mouse sometimes!

Mmmm Pepper Jack!  Mike said I can have some after I gave him seven bucks! Thank YOU Mike! I am so grateful for the abundance of organic and independent farms here in Sonoma County, the crunchiest place I have ever lived. I love it here so much, have I mentioned that before? Anyway, there is my ad for my home county.  Back to polish.

So anyway, here is what it looked like after I got carried away with ICING Patriotic glitter.

Waaay too much on the index. These chunky glitters can tend to clump up and it is not always recoverable once you get a large clump working.

Right hand pictures. The pinkie worked good.  The evolution of my Americana thumb flag in the above pictures evolved from my middle finger to the pinkie when I saw I could make the flag easily by striping the red shatter. Yes there is a chip on a nail in there, but there is so much going on, I let it go. I am becoming more relaxed by the way in life in general.  Haha why not if it pleases me? I used to be so uptight! Geez!

It looks bad here, but the thumb was nice in real life. It is silver shatter by Sally Hansen in Fractured Foil over the French White Creme and SOPI MMATD. It was subtle and fascinating somehow.

I hope you enjoyed my easy patriotic nail art! : D  Thank you for visiting me in my perfect world of nail polish : )

I am going off to paint my nails in red white and blue again for you tomorrow to celebrate Independence Day!  What will I do? I don't even know!

Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy a happy day today.