Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Platinum Lining - Kelly Tomlinson of Kell's DIY Nails

Hello friend!  Welcome!

I have mentioned that I have many blessings that I am realizing as a result of my recent health crisis,  Platinum Linings as I call them. I can see many of the occurrences lately directly relate to my diagnosis of cancer. It is putting into effect a chain of events that is resulting in many of my dreams coming true. 

The order of these posts is determined by primarily by the manicures I have ready to publish and the approximate chronological order of occurrence of the event I will detail.

Today's Platinum Lining is a person I know. She gave me something to be excited about at a time when I was feeling extremely worried, depressed and pessimistic. 

I have never met in person, but I have really grown to appreciate her since I met her online.  

This is my tribute manicure for Kelly Tomlinson of Kell's DIY Nails, linked here. She gave me this glitter nail polish as a gift just because she knew I was asking help to find out the name. This is one coat over Julie G Hot Cinnamon, a well named texture polish. (TREND (I am trying to start) ALERT: Chunky glitter over texture is happening here now a lot LOL)

The story behind this polish:

I was in the hospital waiting area the day of my lumpectomy, I had just checked in, obviously at wits end, but I was distracted when I saw a girl with this glitter polish on her toes, and it was sooo shiny! I had to ask what it was and all she knew was that it was an Essie.

So while I was recovering from surgery I asked my twitter friends if they knew what the polish could be. Kelly knew what it was, and told me, sure enough it was Essie A Cut Above.  She asked me "Do you want it?".

Um YEAH, but geez, I don't go around asking for polish from my friends, so I said yes, but knew I had to send her some in return, which I later did. (But guess what, she just sent me another bottle of polish!)

I was not having the best week right after my surgery but I had some exciting nail mail to look forward to! Thanks to my friend Kelly I knew I had an exciting glitter polish gift from an earth angel on the way to me!  I can not tell you how much this lifted my spirits. She sent me a super sweet care package, full of toxin free samples, information on green products and two nail polishes, including this one!  Also she sent a cute little card, with a puppy on the front, Rough Spot!

I have not been the recipient of a nail polish Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK) before, but now I have, and it is all thanks to Kelly, of Kell's DIY nails!  Kelly is more than just a pretty face and set of digits, she is kind to people and animals and a great person to know.  I have spoken of her before on my blog, here, and now here again, and she is always commenting, encouraging and complimenting me! Thank you Kelly, for being a friend when I needed one.  You and my other buddies I am getting to know online are part of my "happiness team", thank you for being a star player! : D

So this manicure is for you Kelly. This polish, A Cut Above, really is, just like you are. It is extremely mirrorlike and brilliant, due to the particular combination of glitter sizes and proportions.  This glitter, when applied in heavy coats, looks like pink mirrors at a distance, trust me, it is what caught my eye when I saw it on that girl. It is different from other glitters, a bit better, more shiny, definitely A Cut Above!  Just like you, dear reader~


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