Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Easy and Fun July 4th Manicure

Hi there!

Here are some nails I wore yesterday in preparation for the 4th of July. I am really feeling the red white and blue right now. Here are two versions of this manicure.

Here I am showing my new OPI Shatters, Red Shatter and Blue Shatter, which I found at Big Lots for $1.80 each (thank you all knowing bargain spotter G -G I don't know you but for some reason I imagine you are Italian and your name is Gina. WEirD BRAIN! I love Italians by the way, my best girl friend is one!)  Wet n Wild French White Creme again is my go-to white, and the sparkles are from SOPI Meet me at the Disco, which I previously showed you, along with a dupe, here.

Also I used a bit of one of my new favorite polishes, ICING Quick Sand in Sand Dollar. I love this silver texture glitter, on my index and ring tips here. I applied SOPI MMATD over all the nails and it added the spangles to my banner beautifully.

Crackles make the "Americana style"  flag so easy! The beauty of the crackles is that they don't have to be applied perfectly, they are going to look messy anyway, so they are very forgiving.

After I asked my husband's opinion, he said it needed more glitter. No wonder I love him so much! Here you go lovely husband!

I had fun with a new striper, and it is one hot mess. But guess what? My husband liked the stripey star the best of all the nails!  Even the other hand which I will show. It looked much better in real life at normal size, it looked complex, as the picture below shows.  I am holding some of my favorite new cheese I found, it is made from grass fed cows, who are not treated with antibiotics nor hormones.  I am so happy to find cheese I can eat! I love cheese so much I call myself a cheese mouse sometimes!

Mmmm Pepper Jack!  Mike said I can have some after I gave him seven bucks! Thank YOU Mike! I am so grateful for the abundance of organic and independent farms here in Sonoma County, the crunchiest place I have ever lived. I love it here so much, have I mentioned that before? Anyway, there is my ad for my home county.  Back to polish.

So anyway, here is what it looked like after I got carried away with ICING Patriotic glitter.

Waaay too much on the index. These chunky glitters can tend to clump up and it is not always recoverable once you get a large clump working.

Right hand pictures. The pinkie worked good.  The evolution of my Americana thumb flag in the above pictures evolved from my middle finger to the pinkie when I saw I could make the flag easily by striping the red shatter. Yes there is a chip on a nail in there, but there is so much going on, I let it go. I am becoming more relaxed by the way in life in general.  Haha why not if it pleases me? I used to be so uptight! Geez!

It looks bad here, but the thumb was nice in real life. It is silver shatter by Sally Hansen in Fractured Foil over the French White Creme and SOPI MMATD. It was subtle and fascinating somehow.

I hope you enjoyed my easy patriotic nail art! : D  Thank you for visiting me in my perfect world of nail polish : )

I am going off to paint my nails in red white and blue again for you tomorrow to celebrate Independence Day!  What will I do? I don't even know!

Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy a happy day today.


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