Thursday, July 4, 2013

My 4th of July Manicure and an Announcement

I hope your day is going well for you, whether or not you celebrate the Fourth of July!  Even if you don't, you may enjoy this patriotic manicure, and some of the ideas and this color scheme might work for showing your love for your country as well!
 My starting point is here with L to R:
China Glaze Cranberry Splash
Salon Perfect
Salon Perfect Sapphire Sparkle
Revlon Metallic
OPI Navy Shatter over Metallic (pinkie)

 Ready to make some crackle magic happen. OPI Red Shatter is the choice for my middle nail.

  Here we see the lovely shattering effect which happens quickly.

 This is a great crackle polish, Fractured Foil. It could likely use a thin.     Alone this one looks a bit lumpy because it is thick. In the pic below the ring is dry and the index is drying.

NOTE: To use crackle polish. First apply the under layer of your choice and allow to dry. Then work with a heavily loaded brush but not dripping, defining the left side of the nail with the line of the polish flowing off the brush. Work wet into wet, keeping a wet edge, stroke the middle of the nail and get more polish if need be then finish by defining the right side of the nail ( or vice versa).  Do not apply a second coat of polish.

Patriotic glitters follow along nicely to unify the design. Icing Patriotic and Wet and Wild the Star of the Show.

Thanks for helping with the photography today goes to my husband.

I have enjoyed my new crackles more than I dreamed possible. Just goes to show you, buying polish just because it is cheap and on sale for 75% off is a great idea! You may really love it you never know! I love bargains, and keeping it cheap is keeping it cheerful too : O)

So today I want to say what I love about the United States of America. 

I love our diversity, and our welcoming spirit. We the people welcome people from all nations to come and live in our country. I love running into people from all nationalities, backgrounds, immigration statuses, travelers, visitors, from every land on earth, and possibly some from beyond.  I love our cultural diversity, which originates both within and without our borders. I just love all kinds of people, and  many other Americans do too.  

Many Americans have a very humanitarian and caring spirit, we are often there to help when others need us, within and without our borders, volunteering at natural disasters. I love that about people, not just Americans, but I think it is wonderful when we are able to help each other through the tough times, all kinds.

I love our freedoms, I am so grateful that I can do so almost anything I care to do here in the USA.  Anything can happen to anyone, dreams come true, rags to riches stories happen overnight. 

I love that there is so much good in our country, I know personally people who go out of their way to volunteer to help others in the time of greatest need, out of the goodness of their hearts.  I know I appreciate the type of person that does this more than I ever have, as I am now benefiting from the generosity of the They are incredible and I love them for bringing me and my husband prepared meals for free while I undergo treatment. This is such a blessing, because now the energy I would spend shopping and cooking and preparing super foods can be spent doing what I like to do. That is a gift beyond measure.

I am so grateful to the USA, thank you AMERICA! 



I am creating a one of a kind nail polish collection inspired by the announcement today that there is going to be a Trailer Park Boys season 8! This was announced today, July 4th 2013, and I am already at work collaborating with some of the stars of the show  through  facebook and twitter on a unique one of a kind collection of polishes inspired by the characters of the show. I have gotten color ideas and names from Sarah Dunsworth@SarahDunsworth and Cyrus@bernierobichaud, and today on facebook I think Jean Paul (Julian) replied to me duing their announcement Q&A. I am so excited about this I can hardly stand it! : D

I am going to be at work on it over the next while, so look for the polishes to debut here as soon as I get them perfected.  

These polishes are going to be super special, and they will have more than just a fun purpose. I would like to auction them off and donate the money to  homeless charities here in Sonoma County, and to the American Cancer Society. 

YAAY! TPB8 the series !! TPB3 The movie !!

Love and Happy Freedom Day! 

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