Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Platinum Armor AND Lining - My Husband

I have a strong Platinum Lining and Platinum Armor, and that  is my husband! He adorned me with a platinum ring and cleaned out his bank account with almost his last dime to give it to me. I made this manicure for him especially with ICING Heart of Gold over Finger Paints Be-Leaf it or Not. He picked these polishes out special for me.

Blurry, but you see the specialness of Heart of Gold in this pic.  My husband has specialness, but you need to take a minute to notice it, if at first he doesn't catch your eye, that is! Wink wink!

On our honeymoon in Las Vegas, we visited the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.  WE LOVED IT!
ALL of our marriage trip and honeymoon trip was a blast a complete blast.

A miracle happened when I met Michael. I did not know this at the time, I only knew when you walked in the room, that I had met my match.  And now we are together forever. For all eternity. In a movie as extras. With Clint Eastwood.  And James Garner, with whom I actually spoke (he complimented my turquoise ring I wore in the movie - not name dropping, sharing with a friend, you.  Also, Tommy Lee Jones is the real hero of the movie, he asked to borrow my husband's hat during a break in filming.  Of course, my dear husband obliged.

What would  you have done? LOL?  I LOVE Tommy Lee Jones, he IS TEXAN too, like my DAD and SWAYZE too, y'all.

Donald Sutherland was in it too. I am cut out of most showings of Space Cowboys on tv, but I am on the DVD version.  ANyhooo....

And now, fifteen years on, he is willing to spend his last dollar to save my life paying for cancer treatments I need. What. Ever. It. Takes. That is what we say today.

Now, now I know. I know what it means to have a love that is what I need.  He takes me to the doctor appointments, the store, the pharmacy, to buy me a new polish, to buy shoes.  This man has told me that whatever in the world I want it is mine if he can give it to me.

I don't ask for much from him for this reason, he would knock himself out trying to give me all I asked for. I would never ask him to work harder than he had to for me. I want him to rest and enjoy our time together when he is home with me. 

Why I Love Him
He is a kind person. He gave money to a homeless man about a week ago. He pulled up to an intersection, and as is common here, a very rough man was eating and laying half in the street begging for money.  He stopped well away from the man and he said he wanted to give him money. I pulled out some cash, and so when we pulled up and the light turned green we pulled near and handed the poor soul a few bucks.  Neither of us usually do that, there are so many homeless people in our beautiful area, we cannot afford to hand out money to all of them, though I would if I could.

Well, would you believe the cars behind us didn't like that we made them wait about two seconds to help a poor person, a lexus  driver sped around us and yelled out his window directly toward my shocked face as he passed us full of anger. Some ugly word and face passed by my window and he sped on his selfish way. Good for you, mister hurry up don't care about a poor man lying in the road. I do hope you never need compassion from a stranger, and they ignore you, but that is up to karma, your own, mister hurry up rich selfish man in that dirty ugly fancy car. It may be expensive, but it needed a washing, badly, and the color was hideous light blue with dirt trim, but with you in it, it is an filthy, vile, toxic, ugmobile.

My husband is not like that man, he is the man who helps by giving money to homeless people. He buys them a sandwich sometimes instead of money, because why not? He has taught me to be more giving to others, and loving to people in that way.

That was what made me notice him stand out from the crowd. His eyes, voice, ways all speak of a kind heart beating within him. His presence is a calming force, and everyone who meets him feels the peace within him.  He is a slow talker, but it is because he is thoughtful, considering each word.

When I met him, I was not used to how he talked, and I interrupted and tried to help him finish his sentences. But I learned soon to shut up, he has different thoughts than I do and hey, they are really different, and wow, maybe brilliant too. My ego was told to sit down and shut up and be patient for him.  And he is worth the wait, his words are like gems from his lips to me.  I value his opinions. He is my everything, my sanity check, my sounding board, my best friend, it was always only ever us, since I found him, the love of my life. 

What is so amazing, is now, after celebrating our fifteenth wedding anniversary this year, we really still enjoy each other's company, and our love has become mature. Now romance to me is that he does the dishes now.  He carries the heavy bags in. He advocates for me and would defend me with his life, like a tiger. Every woman needs a man like this to treat them like the most beautiful and wonderful and magical queen who walked the earth.

If the universe makes me rich I will give generously to others, not build myself a five car garage on a gated compound. I promise you that. Why would I want to separate myself from humanity. I have chosen, with my husband's support, to give back to those that have given to me. He has given me a platform and support to write this to you now. He is pretty cool, right?

Every girl deserves the Taj Mahal, but a great monument to love can all be built within the trusting space between two people, built up over years of kind words and deeds filled with love and genuine affection and caring. Love is about how someone makes you feel, not shiny cars, homes and blingy rings and extra celebrated super expensive fanciest wedding ceremonies for show. Which, I believe was completely awkward, awful, forced and utterly sKripted and re-shot until each take was "perfeKt". Aggro (this is what British people call "aggravation") all around.

Te Amo. I love you. In French, Dutch, Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali,  Je t'aime. Ik houd van ye.
Ek is lief vir jou
 أنا أحبك
 আমি তোমায় ভালোবাসি

volim te is Croatian, his family has origins in Croatia.

Ninakupenda is what I would say to him in Swahili

我爱你 I am proud to say this in Chinese.

Mahal kita is how I feel about him in Filipino

ti amo in Italian too

Love is beautiful in every language.

And for what you did to defend me from the three additional traumas I experienced today, each of which left my heart pounding through my blouse and my knees knocking.

What is "I love you" in your language? Dishes?  Taking out the trash? LOL


  1. What a lovely story - and a pretty mani too!
    I love you is: jeg elsker dig in Danish

  2. Simply and beautifully said. You inspire me to appreciate the beauty of what I have and to love and appreciate my fiance and all those who are our support systems no matter what we are going through. I love your passion for life.

    1. Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts on this Jasmine. I am glad you liked this post, I loved honoring this wonderful man, here, and every where to everyone who will listen! He ROCKS so hard, like you !!

      Thank you for being you, Jej elsker dig, Jasmine! : D

  3. I am totally jealous of you and your husband. Wish that someday I could have something like that

    1. Fingers you are so kind and awesome girl, only the best kind of man is worthy of you, lovely lady. You deserve so much my dear, everything you wish should come true, if I get my wishes too!

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  5. First of all, this is beautiful. Just a gorgeous tribute to your amazing husband. I wish more people were in love like this at 15 years.

    Trailer Park Boys?? One of my fave shows. :)

    1. Why did I put that there ? I love them too! Hahahaa! Thank you for your kind words.


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