Thursday, July 4, 2013

UNIqE Fourth of July Nails !! Red NAKED and Blue

Happy Fourth Of July! Here are some unique manicures I have created for us to celebrate!

This is representing freedom, love, tolerance, unity and acceptance, and the purple patch is to cover a ding, and represents the idea that we are not perfect, but we can patch it up and it will be alright!   Also the term purple patch means a time of intense love and passion, or so I have heard, and I have lots of love for my country. (NOTE: this is not the same as my government, LOL)

I got the idea  for a patch to fix my boo boo from one of my best nail art blogging buddies, Wendy at M.A.S.P.O.O.A.S.E. blog.  Here manicure here gave me the idea for a cute patch when I dinged after two layers of the heart! And again I make lemons become lemonade! Thanks Wendy for this inspiration. By the way, her twitter handle is Wendy@catfink1664, I highly recommend  you follow her!

Here is my first manicure for you today ! Happy Fourth of July!

The rainbow has pink instead of purple, I lack a purple striper. See? Plus there is some symbolism there.

Here are some of the polishes I used mid manicure.

OPI Blue Shatter, White Shatter, ($1.80 at Big Lots right now) Salon Perfect Sapphire Sparkle, Revlon Metallic, Salon Perfect Snow Flurry, Revlon Cloud ($2.00 at Big Lots packaged with Metallic ).

What a real mess! I did three manicures this day, one failicure I didn't photograph. I worked for hours! But it is fun for me, so it is not really work.

I lined them up like this while I was talking on the telephone and thought it looked like a drill sergeant in front of a class of boot camp recruits.  There are two other instructors behind the line to make sure none of them make a break for it.

 I loved the idea of this more than the reality, but it was an exercise.

 Oh yeah I used OPI DS Shimmer too on the pinkie and middle. You can hardly see it : ( That is the problem with the DS holos they are sheer.

Not perfect, but that is so me, and so much our beloved United States.

Now I do not believe anyone will accuse me of copying the manicure below. I tried eight EIGHT times to paint the middle nail in a simple white shimmer. I could not seem to manage this in about four hours yesterday. I gave up and wore this shopping.  I think my manicure was telling me something this day, symbolically.


Polishes used:
China Glaze Cranberry Splash
Salon Perfect Sapphire Sparkle
Revlon Metallic
Icing Patriotic
Revlon Cloud

   Red White and Blue Shatters, and Patriotic glitter made this right hand version of my star spangled banner.
I love the simplicity of this manicure, I picked my favorite red,white blue and a couple of untrieds and the shatters and banged it out on the fly using only brushes from the bottle!

I photoshopped this a bit, my hands are so dry right now. This is partly because of  the medicines I'm on, plus I need to step up my moisturizing game.

I finished the left hand and added more to this right and will post it later today! Also. I hereby make this announcement that I am going to make an exciting announcement then too!

Happy Fourth of July everyone everywhere!


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