Friday, September 6, 2013

Update+Cover Girl Grapevine, LA Colors Purple Glitter

Hi there! 

First of all let me say thank you for your comments and support on my posts lately. WOW you guys are amazing, I just replied to the comments on my last post, I apologize for being so slow in doing that. Your kindness has been overwhelming to say the least so thank you times 9,569,493 plus infinity!

 Here are my nails right now, Cover Girl Grapevine and an unnamed LA Colors purple glitter.

I have not felt up to writing here, but I have been doing my nails quite a bit.

UPdate: I had written and published this post this morning stating that I planned a double mastectomy in October, now not the case.

I just deleted and re wrote this entire post because now I am not having the bilateral mastectomy until next year at the soonest, because now I was told by my surgeon to finish my chemo first, and that it is better to do it this way for survivability. Ok yeah, that is what we want here.

She said have the chemo first, then we will talk breast surgery again. UGH. Four more treatments of TCH without the dexamethasone, the steroid that caused me to become ill and required me to be hospitalized in a mental hospital, which was the worst experience of my life thus far.

It has taken me this long to get to see the doctors and make my decision to re start the chemo and have another surgery. I am trying my best to keep healthy and strong, I know the chemo will be hard, and that is an understatement.

My timing on this update was pretty terrible LOL.

Breast Self Exam detected my cancer, not my doctors nor a mammogram. I followed up and took care of it and I might have saved my own life, I hope. My message here is do not ignore the lumps in your bumps.


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