Saturday, October 19, 2013

After the Cut - Beau's Lines and Dupe Alert

Hello friend, welcome.

I have really missed blogging here over the past while. Today I am happy be back and to share with you.

I am doing much better on chemo this time around, and am not experiencing the terrible side effects that landed me in the hospital for a week last time I had chemo. I am doing my very best to stay healthy, and at last report all my numbers came back very good!

So now I am back to a place where I have the energy, desire and mojo back to blog. I have thought of blogging all the time, but I have not felt like actually doing it. I have kept my nails polished, and one side effect of my diagnosis has been a six month long nail polish shopping spree to cheer myself up.

I have been undergoing a difficult time physically and emotionally. I have had to accept some difficult realities this year, and I have been very raw emotionally coming to terms with things, and unable to bring myself to share much in detail about my situation with you here, although I had planned to. You know how it is if you have ever been depressed or sick for a while. Working on a blog and sharing is just too big of a bridge to cross some days.  But I have been on twitter daily, and  as of recently, on vine as well, posting my nails and following my friends blogs. I have been trying to distract myself, and enjoy my life in my spare time, and not "work" too hard

I am glad to get this post up in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am bouncing back again and feeling better so I am here also to share more of what I love, nail polish and nail stuff!

Today I want to share with you some things I did not expect to happen to my nails before I got breast cancer. When I was diagnosed I thought, well at least I can do my nails and they will be alright. Not so fast said chemo.

I have experienced many side effects, and one not serious but annoying one is Beau's lines on my nails, which are a result of chemotherapy. These are ridges which are parallel to the cuticle, you can see them here in  a few of these photos that follow. There are two, one for each chemo cycle I received. They are worst on my thumb, not even detectable on my pinkie. I have them on my toenails also.

I did not realize it but chemo messes up your nails too. The growth of your fingernails and toenails are also affected. Herceptin, the non-chemo drug I will take for a year also messes up your nails in other ways. I have read that it causes vertical splits, drying and nail discoloring.  That will be interesting when the vertical splits meet the horizontal ones. I take very good care of my nails and repair the cracks. I can not imagine having this treatment and being unable or not knowing how to care for my own nails, nor the state they would be in if I did not spend so much time pampering them.

Because the growth of the nails is affected, they are thinned and weak in the growth periods during the harsh chemo, and beginning to split at the edges where the lines show. The pictures above are about one month old, the nails have begun to really break. I have so many breaks right now I feel a little desperate, but today I am still not cutting my nails short. Soon though.

I am repairing them, though they are becoming slightly painful because my nails are so hard against my tender skin.  My hands are so dry, and the nails are lifting up under the nail bed in three places. I was not sure until the first one grew out what the light colored spots were, but now that the first one has grown out I know the nails spontaneously became detached in spots during the chemotherapy. This is especially horrifying for me, it just gives me the creeps. Just in time for Halloween, yaay!

This lifting is definitely due to the chemo, it has never ever happened to me before.  I have three spots.  One on each thumbnail, and one on my right index finger. Here is a photo of that hammered nail.

I have used super glue and a teabag, as I showed you here, to patch my nails for now.

 My hands are also very dry.  

The polish I have on is an almost exact dupe of the last polish I blogged about, Covergirl Grapevine. Almost. I prefer the formula of the Covergirl, it is shinier. 

So in summary, I am doing really well, glad to be writing again, my nails are hammered, and I probably only NEEDED one of these polishes.

Have a happy day!
I hope to see you here again soon.