Dream Factory

I am going to put my dreams in this dream factory.   Then I will document here if /when I get to make my dream come true!

I am inviting everyone to put their dream in the comments, and then come back and let us know if/when you realize your dream!  Dream your best dream for your life.  What would make you jump out of bed every day with enthusiasm and excitement?  Can you allow yourself to dare to get in touch with that part of yourself longing to be expressed?

Your wildest dreams?

You have to have courage to try for your dream.  Realizing real dreams is not easy, or everyone would do it!  I have learned that I can make my dreams come true, if I try and focus and never give up.

This has meant asking for help when I needed it and learning my strengths so I can recognize when I can apply them.  All along the way, I have had help with making my dreams come true, I could not do much of anything alone.  I owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who ever helped me, and I want to pay it back if I can.  I especially want to mention my husband here, who gives me the support and encouragement I need all along.

The fact that I have made many big dreams come true in my life gives me momentum to try to make more dreams come true.  I want to encourage you too to try for all you ever want in this life!  Some things are impossible, but there are others, that,in theory, could actually happen for real!

To get started here, I am putting a current dream I want to achieve.


I dream that my first ever attempt at an ONline Halloween BLog party goes great (it is so far!-thank you my friends*) and is well attended my my friends and they enjoy the entertainment, including an AMAZING dance video by my favorite International DJ and dance hall artist Sean Paul, the announcement of the winner of the Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA (tm), and my costume turns out like I want it to.

I have other dreams for this party, I am going to try to make come true.  I am so excited to see if I can do some of them I am a woman on FIRE!

*Special guests at my party already include :

Untrained Hair Mom!

I love that you guys are making my dream totally come true right now!

I get inspired by you to keep on dreaming!

Dream your fondest dreams!

I hope you can join, make my dream come true, and tell us a dream you want to realize!


 Dream added, 31 posts,  31 days October 2012!~

Dream added November 18, 2012:

I want Rihanna to see my diamond manicures on my blog or retweet my nails to her followers. Either one.

I want to learn to play the song BEst Friends by Amy Winehouse on my guitar (hard!!)

I want to paint the interior of my entire home except for ceilings, ugh!

I want to re landscape the back yard of my house almost entirely.

I want to see a change in the national mood from divisiveness and hate to love and peace baby!  Let it start with purple nails on purple thursdays!  How about No H8 manicures AGAIN witha picture gallery and let's beat 240 nail NO H8 team!  Let's take it global and worldwide and make it about purple anything! Shirts, makeup whatever is purple hook it up and let's break inlinkz. We will be doing it again, there is a No H8 Nails facebook group with 121 members and growing. This will happen semi annually, at least!

I want to survive the breast cancer I was diagnosed with on April 12, 2013.  I will have a partial mastectomy, chemo, radiation and I will not complete my treatment until Summer of 2014, I think. Pray with me to realize my dream?

I want to live to see these dreams come true!  What are you dreaming of?


  1. Awww, that was super sweet of you to include me since we haven't 'known' each other long and I'm still new to the blog world. I'm doing one of my dreams now, writing. Back years ago, when I first had the dream, I didn't know it would be in the format of a blog, but I'm loving it so far and I love meeting all the new ladies of the blog world too.

    1. Hi Angela! How wonderful to see you here working on your dream in this factory. I love that it is already coming true for you! This is so great! Later, you can come back to share your milestones in your blog and writing! I would love to get to see you achieve everything you wish for!


    2. Thank you for sharing your dream with us here Angela! This is so exciting!

  2. I'm already living some of my dreams; 6 years ago I thought having 'things' and a nice home filled with expensive stuff was the ideal life, but some serious hard times hit my husband and I. We went through one hell of a struggle and I thought that things would never get better and of course I had hissy fits and temper tantrums galore. For a few years I refused to accept the limitations that life was forcing on me until it all boiled over to a huge mess. I literally was at rock bottom (financially, career wise, and relationship wise). It was only then that realization took hold and a better version of myself came to be realized. Not to get to mushy on you guys but I found meaning, faith, and discipline. I then decided that I had to completely change the path I had originally taken; I had to reinvent myself. So, I began a long journey. I gave myself many goals and dreams. I wanted to start doing Pet Therapy with my dog, Nikki. I wanted to begin a career in finance so I could teach people what I had learned about finances and responsibility. I wanted to find hobbies that I could enjoy yet make a difference in the world through education (for example my cruelty-free nail blog). Today, I am doing all those things. I don't make a lot of money doing these things but I realized that fullfillment is more than just making money; it's about taking pride in what you do and making a difference in people's lives. I've also learned that there is nothing more important than my marriage so I make sure my husband always comes first.

    Wow, that was long winded wasn't it?!?

    My current dreams are:

    To start training my other dog, Penny, in AKC's Rally Time Agility. (It's a particular type of agility competition they do)

    To continue education for my career so I can do the best job possible.

    To one day own a home (Not the biggest or the nicest, but one that is ours).

    To grow my blog and become one of the leading Cruelty-Free Blogs.

    And most importantly, I want to be a person I am proud of. I want to educate and bring out the best in people. I want to help them feel empowered so that they can do anything they put their minds to. I want to be open and honest with people and help them realize their full potential.


I appreciate and enjoy your supportive and thoughtful comments so much! I really do love hearing what YOU think!

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