Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Nail Stamping TIPS MoYou Illusion 05 | A Purple Holographic Metal Manicure

Do you enjoy optical illusions like I do? I find them to be a sort of eye candy. Always have. So this nail art stamping plate by MoYou London called out my name. I am always excited to try out a new nail stamping plate and this one is no exception.  I show you how I created these nails in the video below, I hope you enjoy them! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Halloween Nail Art and Bloopers Colores de Carol Rosemary EYEBALL GLITTER! #NONSponsored

VIDEO Happy Halloween From My Nails! In this video I swatch Colores de Carol Rosemary and it has wait for it...


I could not believe my EYES I  mean are you SEEING THIS? @@

In the video I apply Rosemary over ORLY Melt My Popsicle. Thank you for watching, sharing and subscribing to my YouTube channel if you have not already! Mwah!

Monday, October 7, 2019

VIDEO - ASMR Limited Edition Nail Mail New Amazon Nail Art Supplies and a Colores de Carol Halloween 2019

I open a new package of mystery! WATCH ME get excited about a Halloween nail polish!🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

If you like this nail polish go purchase it ASAP before it sells out. It is available here:


I open some acrylic and a my first nail polish from Colores de Carol.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Nail Stamping MoYou London I Love the Sixties (60s) PLUS + 8 HOT TIPS!

Guys and Gals who love nails and the Sixties, please enjoy this manicure.  For this one I have stamped my design on top of my very first DIY Gel Manicure. 


This one starts out in a professional tone then goes off the rails a bit when the topcoat comes out. 

The stamping plate used for this design is MoYou I Love The 60s (Sixties). At the time of this writing, this stamping plate is available now at half price here.  MoYou London often has sales, to stay informed sign up for their emails. This post is not sponsored in any way, I just love this company's stamping plates and images, and want to share the things I love with YOU!

In this video I coined a new word. MUDGE! You will have to watch to find out what it means...sorry that algorithm is kicking my butt!

The stamping polishes I used are as follows:

Maniology Plantation Tea (teal)
Born Pretty Store 25 Piece set of stamping polishes (various shades) (I unbox them in this video )
Pueen Black Jack (black)

BASE COAT Nail Aid 3 in 1 Gel Base plus Top plus Hardener
TOP COAT essie matte about you and speed setter

NAIL COLOR My first ever DIY ModelOnes Gel Base Top and White Polish from Ideal Gel Polish Kit #8010 (I show the kit in this video).


Stamping over gel is awesome.  You can remove the design with regular nail polish if you make a mistake. I just do not enjoy the gel on my nails so much, maybe because I have not figured it all out yet. I will be posting a review for the ModelOnes gel set I used soon so be sure to subscribe to my channel so you do not miss it. I am currently testing the kit thoroughly so I can test wear as well as application and removal.

Overall the stamping plate worked perfectly and I adore the designs. 5/5

The Born Pretty polishes performed very well and I enjoyed working with them.

The Pueen Black and the Maniology Teal smeared a bit but that is common with stamping and topcoats. The nail polish in the stamped image is so thin that more than one swipe of topcoat will disturb and smear the image.

The moral of this story is TOPCOAT is the key to success. I suggest you do not go over any section of your design more than once with topcoat and also use lot and lots on your brush.  Apply it quickly by sort of "plopping" it down with the brush parallel to the nail. I demonstrate this in my video.  Thank you for visiting, reading watching commenting liking and subscribing to my YouTube channel.

Here are my Hot Tips! They are called hot because I give them to you Hot off The Grill, right as I am doing something related to the tips! You could call them tricks, tips, techniques or hacks, but whatever you call them, check them out and see if you knew them already! 1 Polish the inside of the cap to repair a broken brush 2 Unscrew all the caps of the polishes used 3 Cover defects on your manicure with stamping 4 stamping over gel can be removed with polish remover 5 Darker colors are easier to see over light colors 6 Press and Rock the stamp and do not lift until the entire stamp is on the nail 7 Let reverse stamping decal dry completely then stamp 8 Use big dollops of topcoat to drop onto details then lightly polish around.



I purchased everything with my own money. I have never had any items supplied to me in exchange for a review.